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Industrial IoT Solution Architecture and Product Innovation


To move towards the next stage of the Internet of Things, Advantech builds an ecosystem with a "co-creation model", develops Solution Ready Package (SRP), and implements the development of the IoT. Among them, as the basis of SRP, Advantech Industrial IoT Group provides a complete product line of “one-stop shopping” from sensing devices, communication devices, computing platforms, storage and servers to application software and cloud platforms. Through the simultaneous development of big data acquisition and control, communication timeliness and security, modular and industry-specific industrial computer platforms, high-performance GPU artificial intelligence architecture and other technologies, Advantech will achieve continuous product innovation and master the visible future of the IoT.

Edge Data Collector

PLC-Side Protocol Converter

  • Supports various PLC protocol drivers for data conversion 
    Edgelink supports more than 200 PLC protocol drivers for collecting data from legacy devices, and features plug-and-play functionality to dramatically reduce software development time.

  • Enables enhanced cyber security
    Data is encrypted using a Microsoft Azure IoT-certified embedded security chip that provides the best in class anti-tampering performance for data protection.

  • Equipped with multiple I/O for data acquisition 
    The compact size and support for RS-232/485, DI/DO, and LAN, as well as diverse expansion modules (8 x AI/4 x DI, 4 x RTD/4 x TC) make the Edge-SRP ideal for IoT gateway applications.

Edge Data Collector

PoE-Powered Device Sensing Gateway

  • Easy installation with combined power and data cable
    Support for PoE enables easy installation in awkward or remote locations with the use of a single Ethernet cable for both data and power delivery.

  • PoE offers considerable cost saving
    Compared to fiber cables, Ethernet cables are significantly less expensive to install and are suitable for a wide range of infrastructures and environments. 

  • Can adapt to various data acquisition devices
    Terminal equips with rich I/O, and able to support different interface of sensors, devices, and PLC etc. for various industry applications.

CODESYS Edge Controller

Real-Time SoftPLC and SoftMotion Controller

  • Single open controller with real-time fieldbus control
    The provision of IEC-61131-3 languages for cross-platform PLC programming minimizes development time and costs and enables motion control with dual fieldbus EtherCAT and CANOpen for servo drives, servo motors, inverters, and induction motors in various applications.

  • Reduced downtime with powerful visualization management 
    On-site machine operation and systems monitoring with flexible target visualization boosts productivity and overall efficiency, while web-based visualization enables remote operation and diagnostics.

  • Diverse database connectivity options for flexible integration 
    Supporting ODBC functionality, the Edge SRP could simplify database connection. Plus, Machines can be directly connected to the WISE-PaaS cloud, utilizing dashboard function that provides efficiency equipment management, increasing productivity.

ThinClient Visualizer

Centralized Management of Multiple Displays

  • Reduce downtime costs with diskless workstations 
    Edge visualizer serves as a diskless workstation, storing data on the server for significantly reduced costs. 
  • Manage multiple applications and visual sources on a single monitor 
    Edge visualizer supports split screen (up to 16 sections) and scaling functionality with a virtual keyboard and high-resolution (3840 x 2160) displays that enable users to monitor every aspect of production.

  • Maintain numerous PCs with centralized management 
    Edge visualizer with ACP ThinManager uses network booting for visualizing production processes from the server to each edge client simultaneously, streamlining installation and maintenance.

Secured Edge Analyzer

Intelligent Platform with Azure IoT Edge

  • Extends cloud intelligence and analytics to edge devices 
    IoT solutions, such as stream analytics, machine learning, image recognition, and other high-value AI modules, deployed from the cloud to the edge to support diverse applications.

  • Boosts productivity and response times with data insights 
    Local data processing enables immediate decision-making and reduces bandwidth costs by minimizing the data transmitted from local devices to the cloud. 

  • Offers secure cloud communication and edge intelligence 
    The inclusion of Azure IoT Edge Security Daemon and onboard TPM 2.0 increases device security while a SSL ensures connectivity between the cloud and intelligent edge.
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