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Industry 4.0

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Machine-to-Intelligence (M2I) Solutions for Energy and Environment


So let us introduce several exciting solutions in our exhibition area. First, we have the Machine-to-Intelligence for Energy and Environment solutions. Machine-to-Intelligence applications are important for the Energy and Environment industry because device management and data collection facilitates the development of further functions such as remote maintenance and data visualization. After data is processed in the cloud, big data and digital twinning are employed for performance optimization and predictive maintenance. This also ensures more stable operation, which extends the product life cycle. Advantech’s solution is an edge intelligence gateway that includes Advantech’s own edge intelligence core software — WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink. With flexible data acquisition and protocol conversion capabilities, WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink software supports various communication standards and third-party cloud platforms.


Smart Self-Healing Grid with Energy IoT Solution


A self-healing grid can pinpoint the power failure area therefore reduce the power outage range and downtime. Thus the quality and reliability of power supply service can be improved. A self-healing grid is the goal and can be done with the Energy IoT. Advantech's energy products are certified products that support various protocols to help customers monitor the power generation and usage effectiveness and power generation equipment status, providing reliable and effective information to enable smart self-healing grids.


The great integration of wireless sensing and communication devices


Wireless communication is crucial for IoT data collection. In addition to wireless Ethernet technologies such as Wi-Fi and cellular network that have been widely adopted, in recent years, low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) suitable for long-distance transmission and low power consumption, such as Mesh, LoRa, and NB-IoT have also become popular.

In this regard, Advantech provides a wide variety of sensing and communication devices that support major wireless communication and cloud integration technologies. Collecting field data to gateways, routers, and access points in the network infrastructure, wireless sensing devices can be seamlessly integrated and further accelerate the deployment of decentralized, remote, outdoor and other IoT applications with wireless requirements.


Intelligent Sensing Technology

To fulfill the big data analysis in the IoT era, the demand of data acquisition increases and becomes more complicated. Advantech proposes four major strategies for product technology development: First, data acquisition will be faster, more accurate and more intelligent; the mass signal will be transformed and filtered to effective data to reduce the network or computing loading. Second, more diverse wireless communication options will be offered in response to transmission distance and field site environment restrictions. Third, built-in fast and convenient setting interface for accessing private or public Cloud. Fourth, Advantech devices will be managed through the cloud.


SRP - Intelligent Water Management Solution


Advantech's intelligent water management solutions integrate machine-to-intelligence (M2I) technology, domain-specific knowledge on water equipment and processing technolgies, and the WISE-PaaS industrial IoT cloud platform to provide four cloud-based remote equipment solution-ready packages covering water pumps, blowers, pump stations, and bio-tank applications.

SRP - Wind Power Monitoring & PHM Solution


With predictive analysis and intelligent diagnosis software for equipment operation and system management, Advantech's Wind Turbine Monitoring and PHM Solution provides precise data acquisition, real-time monitoring, and intelligent operation management, thus achieving intelligent preventative maintenance to maximize the opertional efficiency of wind turbines.


SRP - Solar Power Management Solution


Due to the fast-growing renewable energy industry, increasingly more solar power plants are planned for construction and operation worldwide. Current concerns among power plant owners and grid companies include data accuracy, operation efficiency, and asset management. Advantech's SPMS solution offers a unified monitoring management system, machine-to-intelligence technology, and a solid IoT data framework that can meet most managerial demands.

SRP - Pump and Motor Monitoring & PHM


With the inclusion of failure diagnostics and preventive analysis for system monitoring and management, Advantech’s motor and pump monitoring and prognostics and health management solution (PHM) offers real-time equipment monitoring, reliable failure diagnosis, and performance management to facilitate predictive maintenance and maximize operational efficiency.